Independent MP Dai Le has claimed the Albanese government is “disconnected” from ordinary Australians and echoed warnings from former Labor MP and unionist Jennie George.

Independent MP Dai Le believes the Albanese government has become increasingly “disconnected” from ordinary Australians and said the ALP has forgotten its working class roots.

Ms Le brutally criticised the Labor Party in an interview with Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt on Thursday night and declared most Australians weren’t benefitting from its policies.

“The Labor party is really disconnected from the community and the people they used to represent,” Ms Le told Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt on Thursday night.

“The majority of Australians are not benefitting at all from the policies the Labor party are pushing through at the moment in parliament.”

Ms Le won the seat of Fowler in Sydney’s Labor heartland in an upset after the ALP controversially opted to parachute former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally into the “safe seat” ahead of the 2022 election.

The move sparked community outrage as Ms Keneally actually lived more than an hour’s drive away in Sydney’s northern beaches.

Ms Le ultimately won Fowler on a two-party preferred with an 18-point swing against Labor, who had previously held the seat since its creation in 1984, and ended Keneally’s political career.

The independent MP, who arrived in Australia as a refugee from Vietnam, revealed her views on the government’s immigration policy after concerning new data showed migration rose by one-third last year to lift Australia’s population by a record 659,000.

Ms Le said while she welcomes the contributions of migrants, current government policy was failing to adequately build new infrastructure to cope with the population boom.

“As a refugee, I appreciate the contribution that migrants have made however I think government policy has really failed us and failed Australians,” the MP for Fowler said.

The electorate incorporates multicultural suburbs like Liverpool and Cabramatta, which have absorbed a considerable chunk of the population growth but with little infrastructure investment.

“Out of the 12,000 refugee settlements over the last five, six years, 10,000 were resettled here in Fowler, and yet there is no infrastructure investment at all,” she said.

Ms Le also opened up about her friendship with former union leader and Labor politician Jennie George, who represented the seat of Throsby from 2001 until her retirement at the 2010 election.

In recent times, Ms George has become an outspoken critic of her former party and last week told The Australian newspaper that the Labor party had “lost its moral compass”.

Ms Le said Ms George had served as a “guide” since winning Fowler at the 2022 election and revealed the former Labor power player often calls her on the phone to discuss political affairs.

“She reminds me, ‘listen, speak for your community and relate back to what your community is going through,’” Ms Le said.

Original Source: Sky News

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