I arrived in Australia with my mother and two younger sisters from refugee camps in South East Asia in the late 1970s, after we escaped war-torn Vietnam. We eventually were resettled in Bossley Park.

About Dai - 1975

Following my HSC, I got a job as a cadet journalist with the Liverpool Champion. Working as a journalist gave me the opportunity to dive into the stories, the issues, and the lives of our Fowler community.

About Dai - 1990s

I later helped set up the Fairfield City Champion in Barbara Street Fairfield, and became its journalist covering the Fairfield City Council area. Wanting to expand my reporting skills, and widen my knowledge, I managed to get a researcher role, and eventually grew into reporting and broadcasting with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

About Dai - 2000

I stepped into politics in 2008, wanting to represent and make a difference in the community where I live and grew up, campaigning for a car park. I was honored to be elected to the Council in 2012 and then elected as Deputy Mayor, where I have continuously worked to serve our local community.

About Dai - 2008

On 21st May 2022, I was privileged and honoured to be elected as an Independent Federal Member for Fowler to the 47th Parliament of Australia, one of the 1240 Members of Parliament elected to the House since Federation. And the first Independent for the seat of Fowler. I cannot thank the people enough for giving me this opportunity to be their voice and representative in Canberra.

I will now take our stories, and my deep knowledge and passion for our Fowler community to Canberra and will fight and advocate for our fair share of resources, and to be heard.

About Dai - 2022

My First Speech to Parliament

On the 5th of September 2022, I delivered my inaugural speech to the parliament of Australia with more than 200 people from our community supporting me in the public gallery.

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