Ms LE (Fowler) (13:42): I would like to acknowledge that this week is Women’s Health Week and Multicultural Health Week. As such, I want to highlight the important work of Fairfield Women’s Health Service and Liverpool Women’s Health Service. I met with them recently and heard of the amazing support they give to over 3,000 women every year, with trauma counselling, reproductive health and community outreach amongst many other services that help women’s overall wellbeing. Last year alone they helped more than 400 women suffering from domestic violence and abuse, and provided over 1,200 women with emotional and mental health counselling. And it’s not only this: they also provide care in Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese.

The electorate of Fowler was one of the areas worst affected by last year’s unjust and discriminatory COVID lockdowns. As a result, there has been an increase in both mental health issues and domestic violence reports. But, due to funding cuts, both branches have had to reduce their hours for their onsite nurse and their counselling services. I welcome the government’s commitment to the 10 days of domestic violence leave. However, I ask that it also goes into providing funding for more bilingual and culturally-aware counsellors for women in Fowler.

I thank Elly Dang and Kate Meyers from the women’s health services for their hard work and dedication to the women of Fowler. I will work with them to ensure we get the necessary resources to help those in need.