Independent MP Dai Le has raised concerns about the government’s new programs to tackle the crisis of domestic violence in Australia.

Ms Le said according to the “Women in Economics Network” the rates of domestic violence are “more likely to increase” with families that are “under household financial pressures”.

Her comments come after the government announced a $925 million Leaving Violence program.

“I think the issue with this funding announcement is while it is welcome to help women escape, many women find it hard to leave domestic violence households first of all, but the thing is the sector has been crying out for the frontline services, early intervention for years,” Ms Le told Sky News Australia.

“Multiple governments across all levels should be aware of this issue.

“While we give the money at the top here, the problem here is on the grassroots level so no one’s talking about that.

“The sector has been crying out and has been informing multiple governments about this issue and they’re really overstretched.”

Original Source: Sky News