Councillor Dai Le

It is a privilege to serve as your local Councillor on Fairfield City Council, for the Cabra-Vale Ward.

Since my election to Fairfield City Council in 2012, I have worked hard to increase service, support greater infrastructure, improve local public transport and increase parking for our residents; I know there is still more to do.

Please get in touch with me to leave a message or let me know about what matters to you and how I can assist.

My Work in the Community

Being part of the growth and progress we have seen in this area over the years is a source of both pride and joy. Among the developments you asked for and I’ve worked for are:

Increased Parking Availability

 To provide easier access for
commuters and availability for the local community

Recreational Facilities

Supported the development of Prairievale Leisure Centre. Local community, local affordable recreations

Employment Opportunities

Encouraging and supporting the entrepreneurship (the opportunity to start businesses) of young and old Australians within our community

Make an impact

Fairfield City Council is one of the most culturally diverse Councils in the country. It comprises an area of 102 square kilometres and as of the 2016 census had a population of 198,817. It is a very large city and with many people and needs. If you want to learn more about Fairfield City Council and how you can get involved, get in touch with me.

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