I made it my mission to work for you

When I first came to this area in the 1980s, facilities were limited. Commuters had limited train services and car parking; the number of parking fines were more in number than in many other parts of Sydney and parking spaces were limited. Our hospital lacked resources for a growing diverse community and the city had no major recreational facilities for families to enjoy.

It was clear this community needed a voice and resources. As an independent Councillor, I rallied for the people. I made it my mission to work for you. While we did not achieve all – and for example at the hospital level there is still more to do – I believe my work so far has made a positive contribution.

Let me be your voice

I will continue to be your voice on Fairfield City Council. There are still so much to do, to empower our community to stand up and be heard. I need your help to continue to build on the greatness of this city and its people.

Car Parking in Cabramatta

I have lobbied our Council to increase car parking in Cabramatta and surrounding areas like Canley Vale and Canley Heights. Since my election in 2012 we have seen an extra 1000 car parking spaces built.

Showground Redevelopment

I have supported the Fairfield City Showground Redevelopment. The project will see the transformation of an old race track into a sporting and cultural hub. This will attract events, jobs and visitors to the area.

Leisure Centre

Backing the re-development of the Prairievale Leisure Centre and the creation of the Aquatopia Water Park to provide a safe and affordable recreational facility for families and outside area visitors.

Support for Seniors

Advocated for Grandparents Day. Our Council was the first to implement an annual program that recognises the contributions grandparents make to the lives of their children and grandchildren. I believe connecting the young and the elderly is an important part of our cultural story.

Healthy Lifestyle

Supporting a healthy community through the creation of walking tracks, exercise areas for our residents across our city.

Innovative Health Services

You might be aware that Council does not have any official platform to lead reform in the local hospital system. However, the Mayor Frank Carbone and I have continued to support initiatives to raise funds to assist our local Fairfield Hospital.

It’s important for us to continue to demand the necessary resources for our diverse community. One of my key priorities I am taking to this election is to create a medical hub in Sydney’s South West where we can tap into the skills of migrants and refugees to provide health care and the expansion of our local emergency departments.