My policies will be influenced by the community’s local voices and their needs, not by major political party bosses

As a true Independent I will work with all parties to get more services for us

I’ve been involved in politics since 2008 and have spent time listening to the people of Fairfield and Liverpool.

I have the lived experiences, understanding, and knowledge of our area, what our people have gone through, and the barriers we have faced. I’m the best candidate who will not only advocate, but make sure we get the resources we deserve.

Should you as residents of Fowler elect me to be your voice in Canberra on May 21st, I will devote my energy to fighting for our overdue resources to come to our city. And know that I will be there to serve YOU, and not any political parties,



More funding for facilities upgrades

You want to see improvements to our local hospitals and better customer service within our health system to care for our community, especially those with special needs and from culturally and diverse backgrounds.

I will fight for

More Funding for our Hospitals

Fairfield Hospital built in the 1980s has not seen a major upgrade for decades. The staff work hard with the limited resources they have such as inadequate air conditioning, limited wifi and medical equipment.

Liverpool Hospital has seen some upgrades but staff numbers have not kept up with our population growth. Help is needed for the nurses and doctors.

Improve access to mental health services, especially for those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Support proactive healthcare and preventative treatment including dental support



Assist families with special needs

Our area has a relative high proportion of families with members who require special assistance. Unfortunately our local support services have not kept up with demand.

The NDIS is a great initiative but our local community has not been able to properly access it.

I will fight for

Support to CALD families with special needs so that they understand their rights to get better care and funding under NDIS for their loved ones.

Funding to raise awareness about providing quality of care in childcare centres, especially for those with special needs.

Funding to build more women refuge and educate the community about violence against women.



Better transport & roads

Many of you have to commute long hours to jobs outside our area. We want to be treated fairly in terms of infrastructure spending to enable us to go to work easier, so that we have time to care for our families.

I will fight for

The increase in population in South West Sydney has put pressure on our road networks. We need investment to improve these infrastructures to make our travels less hazardous, less time in traffic, and more time with their families.

I will ensure we get funding to build additional commuters car park for our people, and fight to have better, faster and efficient train services for our workers.

With an increase use in electric vehicles, we need to be prepared for EV charging infrastructure to service this new technology, and be ready for this transport evolution.



Support local businesses

You want to see a robust economy by creating local opportunities so that we can increase our standard of living making our city stronger and more vibrant.

I will fight for

We have one of the biggest employment generators for Sydney right on our doorstep being the Smithfield-Wetherill Park Industrial area, the new Western Sydney Airport, Liverpool, Fairfield and Parramatta, CBDs.

We need to realise these opportunities in having a productive collaboration between these employment drivers that will generate solutions to benefit our people.

Assisting small businesses transitioned digitally so that our families can benefit from the online world that many businesses outside our area have been able to take advantage of.

I will ensure there will be initiatives to support youth employment and affordable training especially in the area of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Strongly advocate for maximum employment opportunities with the new Western Sydney airport development



Reduce cost of living & housing

The high cost of living from fuel prices, electricity bills, food and affordable housing is impacting families, and business right across our city.

I will fight for

A solution to help our families to resolve their high electricity bills, as well as ensure our families are shown the importance of budgeting and saving to help manage their household finance.

More affordable housing is needed for our region to bring down the pressure on rents and house prices so that our families can afford to own a home.

We have thousands of people on the waiting list for affordable housing. We must fight for a system that will enable us to have a roof over our heads.

And not everyone can afford a car, so public transport needs investment to service our growing population.



More childcare & pensioners funding

Our childcare costs have increased to the point that if we have a number of young children, our wages will barely cover the cost of childcare.

With the rising costs of living, we need to make sure that our pensions are increased on time, to allow our elderly to live with dignity.

I will fight for

We need to have affordable childcare and more of them, to help mums and dads so they can go to work with ease of minds.

Ensure aged care organisations are resourced with qualified and trained staff to provide high standards of care. In an area with high culturally and linguistically populations, additional resources are needed so that effective communications and skills can be developed to provide quality care.

I support the implementation of the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission, so our elderly can be cared for safely and with understanding and empathy, as they become frail and need support.



Creating local made

We have one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the Southern hemisphere. I will fight to ensure we get federal funding injection to boost manufacturing for more job opportunities.

I will fight for

Our local economy has been hit hard over the past two years with the Covid restrictions and lockdowns. This pandemic has highlighted the importance of sourcing and producing products and services closer to home.

I will advocate strongly that Liverpool and the Fairfield region get a big injection of federal funding to help our manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is the largest employer, generating 11,581 jobs locally and generating more than $1.2million annually. More needs to be done to help create job opportunities for our community in this sector.



Greener, cleaner & safer city

We have some of the best parklands, green spaces in South West Sydney. But we need additional funding to ensure we maintain, restore and revitalised these facilities. In addition, our creeks and rivers are under utilised, and neglected. The task to restore them is huge and would need federal, state and local collaboration to ensure our city can be developed into a greener, cleaner and safer place for our residents

I will fight for

I will advocate for funding to fix our creeks and rivers to turn them into family friendly facilities for our residents.

In addition, I will fight to redesign the solar rebate to benefit our residents and families, which will in turn help reduce the cost of living pressures while at the same time, contributing to creating a better living environment for us all.

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