Questions my community have asked me

What political party do you belong to?

I don’t belong to any. I’m independent and will be putting the people’s interests before any political parties.

As a true Independent I am responsible to you the residents, you are my guide, not political party bosses.

Are you eligible to sit in the Australian Parliament?

I am an Australian Citizen and took appropriate steps prior to the election to have these matters confirmed.

Where will your preferences go?

The seat of Fowler will go to the wire between Kristina Keneally and myself, therefore my preferences will not push another candidate over the line, but other candidate preferences could push me over the line.

I believe giving Le, Dai the number 1 and then preferencing the other 6 candidates as per your personal choice is the best way to complete the ballot paper. You need to number every box to make a valid vote.

The choice of who to preference is up to the voter who fills in all the boxes.

If there is a hung Parliament – will you support Labor or Liberal for Government.

A hung Parliament would be very beneficial to the Fowler electorate – as for the 1st time in a very very long time we could demand proper resources for our area. We will be for the 1st time sit on the decision making table.

I would request funding for Fairfield Hospital, which has been sitting in a time warp since 1988. Resources for our road and transport network, that has not received the funding to keep up with population growth. Our health system and care for the young and elderly – and so on.

As a true Independent I don’t need to support any party, I only need to support the best policies or legislative bills individually that are best for my community who elected me.

The only people I would be supporting is the best interest of my local community.

My three consideration to make this decision are:

1. Stable Government
If one party receives in the 151-seat parliament receives 76 or 77 seats and the other party receives 75 or 74 seats, then my vote would go the way of the side that can gain the strongest level of stability, and the party that has more votes would get my support.

Any support should it be required from me, will only be to form government, not to support every legislation or policy. That support will be made on a policy by policy base that are best for my community.

2. What’s on the table for our local community?
I would carefully consider the offers of support for our local community so we can get the services we deserve. For too long we had very limited Federal funding, and if I can help to change that – then I am doing my job.

3. The local community will be my guide
I will consult with community leaders, such as former Labor member Frank Carbone and the residents to gauge their direction, as I am only the voice of the people and their guidance has to be my compass, not the rules of political party bosses.

Why did you decide to stand?

Since my teenage years, when I grew up in a housing commission home, with my sisters, raised by a single mum in Bossley Park, I have seen this area grow and prosper, because we the local families made the best with what we got.

Now that I have been in politics for more than 10 years, I can clearly say we do not get our fair share. We in Council, under Mayor Carbone’s leadership are efficient, and do the best with what we got, while keeping rates affordable. But we see other communities getting new hospitals, major road upgrades and environmental improvements. We seem to be the forgotten city. I will raise the issues important to us and fight for much overdue funding. Please see my policies for details on daile.com.au

How will you get the major parties listen to you and why should they give you funds for us?

Both major parties are getting less votes than they did 10 and even 20 years ago. There is a record number of strong independents, like myself standing at this Federal Election.

There is a very high chance that neither Labor or Liberal will gain a full majority, and that Independents will win seats. This means the Independents can hold the balance of power, and for this reason as an elected Independent, I will be in a very strong position to negotiate for improvements in our community.

What will happen to my Council position if I get elected, do the residents of Fairfield City need to vote again?

I will retain my council position. Council has 13 representatives and no by-election or expenses to rate payers is required.

By staying close to Council affairs, I will be able to see the local priorities and be able to fight for funds for these areas, be it health, childcare or infrastructure needs.

I will donate my Councillor annual allowance for a worthwhile local community cause – to be determined.

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