To serve is my priority

Above all else, my role is to serve you, the people of Fairfield City.

During my 10-year tenure in political life, my purpose has not strayed. The need to be of service and to serve is my priority. It’s important that we support each other and the marginalised in our community; I am pleased to be a Pink Ambassador for Cancer Council NSW for Greater Western Sydney, helping fundraise for this important cause as well as a participant in the annual Fairfield Relay for Life event.

I have also spoken up on the lack of diversity in leadership across our mainstream institutions and calling on our leaders to look at harnessing the diverse talent within their organisations, beyond gender.  I encouraged and mentored young emerging leaders, to step up, speak up and be heard.

Communities don’t just appear. They are created. We all have purpose, mine is to service this community and see us improve and thrive.

Map of Fairfield City Wards