As a young girl growing up in Saigon, I would never have imagined my life looking like it does today. Following our escape from Vietnam in 1975, my family and I spent years in refugee camps before finally settling in Australia. We settled in Wollongong and later to Cabramatta where I completed my HSC and graduated from Macquarie University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Soon after, in 1991, I accepted a role as a cadet journalist at The Liverpool Champion and later at the Fairfield Champion. It was an exciting time and after three years of building an extensive local network, it was time to move on.

“Politics is more than just going to the people at election time. It’s an ongoing process of connecting with human beings on a daily basis, of understanding where this community has come from and where it is heading. I want to serve and deliver the best policies, ideas and solutions for our community.”

- Dai Le -