As a young girl growing up in Saigon, I would never have imagined my life looking like it does today. Following our escape from Vietnam in 1975, my family and I spent years in refugee camps before finally settling in Australia in 1979. We settled in Wollongong and later to Cabramatta where I completed my HSC and graduated from Macquarie University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Soon after, in 1991, I accepted a role as a cadet journalist at The Liverpool Champion and later helped establish the Fairfield City Champion office. It was in Fairfield where I crafted my skills as a journalist, and later on, a filmmaker and broadcaster. I continued to pursue my love of producing stories with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation over the next two decades.

Then in 2008, I did what many friends described as ‘madness’, and stepped into the political arena. I had no connections in politics, I had no contacts, I had no network. All I had was the burning desire to make a difference, and to be the voice of a community that I believed has been neglected and marginalised.

Politics is more than just going to the people at election time. It’s an ongoing process of connecting with human beings on a daily basis, of understanding where this community has come from and where it is heading. I want to serve and deliver the best policies, ideas and solutions for our community.

- Dai Le