Hi I’m Dai Le,

I’m a mother, daughter, wife, sister, and business owner.

I arrived in Australia with my mother and two younger sisters from refugee camps in South East Asia in the late 1970s, after my mother escaped war-torn Vietnam. We eventually were resettled in Bossley Park.

After I finished my HSC, I got a job as a cadet journalist with the Liverpool Champion. Working as a journalist gave me the opportunity to dive into the stories, the issues, and the lives of our community.

I later helped set up the Fairfield City Champion in Barbara Street Fairfield. Growing up in this area, and covering the stories over the decades, I understand too well how much our are has been neglected.

Time after time, elected representatives have failed to bring the necessary funding from Canberra to help fix the many problems we experienced -from our hospitals, our public transport, our roads, our manufacturing sector, jobs creations. You name it. The lack of federal funding, and the lack of power in Canberra, meant that we were left behind.

Since being elected on Council in 2012 and elected as Deputy Mayor, I have worked tirelessly with Mayor Frank Carbone to deliver on many initiatives, at a local level.

We now need a candidate with strong local credentials, who has deep knowledge of the community, and who is prepared to take the fight to Federal Parliament, for our people.

This election is not about fighting for the survival of one political Party or another. This election is about the growth, the investment, and the focus on one thing only – that is the people, and the families of Fowler.

My Journey & Story

My family

I escaped war torn Vietnam in 1975 with my mum and two sisters. After some years in refugee camps we eventually settled in Bossley Park.
About Dai - 1975
Growing up locally has given me a deep understanding and knowledge of the issues impacting our lives.
About Dai - 1986
Working at the Liverpool and Fairfield Champion connected me to the stories and lived experiences of our community.
About Dai - 1990s
As an ABC journalist, I traveled the country and learned about our country's diverse communities and their issues.
About Dai - 2000
Raised a family, and graduated from Macquarie University with a BA in Political Science.
About Dai - 2005
I started my campaign to improve our services and infrastructure for our city including more parking for Cabramatta and Fairfield City.
About Dai - 2008
I was elected to Fairfield City Council as an Independent.
About Dai - 2012
OCT 2014
I discovered I had breast cancer in October 2014, and undertook six months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
About Dai - OCT 2014
Completed my cancer treatment, and was appointed as Cancer Council Greater Western Sydney Ambassador.
About Dai - 2015
The first phase of the building of the Dutton Lane car park began with completion in 2021.
About Dai - 2016
We started the process to build Aquatopia Waterpark, turning it into one of our city's iconic features.
About Dai - 2017
We turned the first sod at the Fairfield Showground to turn it into a multi-function facility for our diverse community.
About Dai - 2018
I was part of the transformation of our city, with our Council winning the Bluett Award for Best Council in NSW.
About Dai - 2018
Advocated and secured $5M State Government funding for Fairfield Hospital to increase its electricity infrastructure which had deteriorated. More work needs to be done.
About Dai - 2019
Helping & support the local community & businesses to adjust to Covid restrictions and started the community information online sessions.
About Dai - 2020
5 Year remission from breast cancer
About Dai - 2020
I advocated for the development of the Fairfield Business HQ as a space to encourage small businesses and young people who have a start-up idea, to collaborate, network, and support one another to grow.
About Dai - 2021
Along with Mayor Frank Carbone, we stood up and fought for our community via lobbying, television and radio media against unfair restrictions and secure more testing resources for our community.
About Dai - 2021
DEC 2021
I got re-elected to Fairfield City Council as a Councillor and elected Deputy Mayor.
About Dai - DEC 2021
We now need a candidate with strong local credentials, who has deep knowledge of the community, and who is prepared to take the fight for our people to Federal Parliament.
About Dai - 2022

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